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The office is actively involved in research and teaching projects.


In 1993 Nicholas Ray founded the Cambridge Historic Buildings Group. He is the author of numerous articles in professional journals, and the books: Cambridge Architecture – a Concise Guide (C.U.P. 1994), Re Sursele Arhitecturale (Paideia, Bucharest, 2000), Architecture and Its Ethical Dilemmas (Routledge) and Alvar Aalto (Yale University Press).  A monograph on Rafael Moneo, with Francisco Gonzalez de Canales, was published in November 2015 (Yale University Press).  With Christian Illies he published “Philosophy of Architecture”, a chapter in Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Services (Elsevier).


The practice has also contributed to a number of publications including Made, Ecotek, RIBA Journal, Building Design, ARQ and Architects Journal and David Valinsky has recently published  The Architect Speaks: the writings and buildings of Edward Schröder Prior.


Rafael Moneo: Building, Teaching, Writing

Rafael Moneo: Building, Teaching, Writing

Francisco González De Canales and Nicholas Ray

Yale University Press


A critical study of the built works, writings, and important contributions to teaching of the Spanish architect.  Following a biographical section, seven key works are examined in detail, and the final section considers his architectural philosophy: his design approach, his idea of the canon, his theory of composition, and his understanding of construction and context.



Alvar Aalto by Nicholas Ray

Alvar Aalto

Nicholas Ray

Yale University Press


A comprehensive introduction to the life, works and theoretical position of this pre-eminent twentieth-century architect.  The first section of the book is biographical, including an account of his friendships with Gropius, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.  The second section examines six of his most famous buildings and the final section discusses the themes that underlie his work: attitudes to nature, function, architectural means, and style, concluding with his philosophy of “positive scepticism”. 

Cambridge Architecture by Nicholas Ray

Cambridge Architecture: a Concise Guide

Nicholas Ray

Cambridge University Press


An illustrated introduction to the architecture of Cambridge, using selected examples of buildings from the middle ages to the present day.  The book introduces a number of levels of interpretation to those who may be unfamiliar with looking at buildings.  Issues of iconography, questions of ethics, and the ways in which architecture may mirror society or indicate significant changes of taste are all touched upon.

Architecture and its ethical dilemmas by Nicholas Ray

Architecture and its ethical dilemmas

Edited by Nicholas Ray

Taylor & Francis


A series of essays examining the changing role of architects and the particular professional dilemmas they face.  The contributors tackle these questions from a range of perspectives -across architecture, the building and design industries, social theory and philosophy - to contribute to the growing literature on the sociology of the profession.

An Architect Speaks

An Architect Speaks

David Valinsky


An overview of the built and written output of Edward Schröder Prior, one of the most original designers and thinkers of the English Arts and Crafts Movement. The book contains a selection of his writings, each with an introductory essay, interspersed with analysis of his buildings. “Prior’s essays are woven into a fascinating web … a really brilliant book!” (David Watkin)

Philosophy of Architecture

Philosophy of Architecture                                      

Christian Illies and Nicholas Ray

Liverpool University Press


An expanded and bi-lingual (English and Chinese) publication of an extended essay originally published in an Elsevier Handbook Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences.  “This beautifully compact book – the combined discourse of a moral philosopher and an architect – provides us with a parti pris for contemplating the often contradictory interplay of ethics and aesthetics in the generation and perception of architectural form.” (Kenneth Frampton, Columbia University)

Postmodernismul in architectura by Nicholas Ray

(re)Sursele Formei Arhitecturale                             

Nicholas Ray



A selection of essays on architecture - pre-modern, modern, and post-modern – published in Rumanian.