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We are delighted that Adams and Newman Contractors have successfully completed the extension to a 1970 house on Gog Magog Way, on time and on budget. The client and small fleet of delivery vans arrived as the contractor left. J.I.T. delivery!
Preview of a Paragraph 55 House

Preview of a Paragraph 55 House


The interior of a new house in Suffolk that will be submitted soon for planning permission under “paragraph 55″ of the NPPF.
Gog Magog site progress

Gog Magog site progress


The interior spaces in our extension to a 70′s bungalow at Gog Magog are nearing completion.

The Old Lodge unlayered & the roof revealed


Old Hall at Corpus Christi College is the earliest example of a college lodge and hall in the city. Now that much of the 20th century fabric has been stripped away, a digital reconstruction of the interior has been constructed using laser scanning technology. Some 350 million points of interest were captured, rendered and assembled to give a three-dimensional view. The study provides a valuable record of the medieval structure as well as later additions. The process was undertaken over 4 days by engineering PhD student, Dan Brackenbury, and supervised by Dr Keith Seffen. Commentary on the videos is by Peter Carolin.
Preparing the site at Christ’s Hospital School

Preparing the site at Christ’s Hospital School


The old kitchen block at Christ’s Hospital School has been demolished revealing the tower in all its – 125 foot – glory.
Agog at Gog Magog

Agog at Gog Magog


With the first couple of coats of render applied, our extension to a seventies bungalow at Gog Magog Way is starting to take shape.

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